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About Us

A Place for:
Development, Education & Success

The Dallas Dodgers Baseball Club is the preeminent baseball organization in North Texas, providing the highest level of development, education and success for young student athletes.
In 2015, the Dallas Dodgers partnered with 6 Tool University, a state of the art facility and Sports Educational Training Center.  With 6 Tool University, the Dodgers program can expand, providing baseball training, education and conditioning year-round.  Player development will be managed using proprietary software. 
The Dallas Dodgers Baseball Club is a select baseball Non Profit organization that is focused on the development, education and success of young student athletes throughout the DFW Metroplex.  Our goal is to provide a cost effective all inclusive program with a detailed development plan for every young athlete while maintaining the highest level of integrity.
In the early goings of the organization, we have been able to have our teams compete at the highest level of competition both locally and regionally. While our primary focus is with development, local competition and tournaments, we are establishing a National presence through tournament competition across the country.
The primary purpose of the Dallas Dodgers Baseball Club is to support preparation for Junior Varsity & Varsity High School programs while educating in the College recruiting process.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide the highest level of development for young student athletes through education, discipline and motivation in order to assist them in obtaining their athletic goals and career dreams. In addition to providing a superior caliber of baseball education, we will always strive to provide life skills whenever the opportunity arises for those in the organization. We will always provide an environment that is conducive to learning and understanding of how to perform within the confines of team orientation.  We are committed to assisting our young student athletes in fulfilling their maximum potential by providing intensive instruction and an opportunity to compete at a higher level of play, where discipline, teamwork and integrity are expected.  We feel that the foundation of our program comes from the strength and professionalism of our staff, as well as the dedication of our athletes and parents.  It is our desire that these principles will be internalized and remains throughout our members’ lives both on and off the diamond. In addition, we will provide each of our student athletes the opportunity to showcase their talent while gaining exposure for their next level of play.
Team Goals and Values
  • Ability to play at a level consistent with the needs and direction of the team
  • Dedication to improvement, and development of self and other team members
  • Good professional communication
  • Investment of your time for all activities
  • Effort from your Athlete
  • Willingness to learn
  • Sense of Team & Community
  • Integrity on and off the field
  • Great Attitude
  • Be on Time
  • Willingness to achieve goals
  • Be accountable & understand team dynamic
  • Do your own job and not someone else’s
  • Keep it simple
Our expectations are that each athlete and supporting parent shares the goals and commitment that are conducive to achieving these goals